July 8, 2021

A woman who says she has been told her cosmetics brand is “the most beautiful she’s ever met” has gone on record to claim it was the product of her own imagination.

L’Oréal is the brand of French cosmetics giant LVMH, which also has a line of cosmetics products for the women’s market, including a range of products called L’Orléans Rouge.

In an interview with France 2 television on Wednesday, Leila, a French-speaking actress and mother of two, said the products, which are sold exclusively in her country, were the most luxurious she had ever experienced.

“I’m wearing them every day.

I just can’t believe I’ve never seen a product like this,” Leila said.”

You can’t just walk into a store and say, ‘Here, these are my most beautiful items’.””

I was walking into a shop, and I saw the line and it was so beautiful.

I had never seen such an incredible line, but I just couldn’t believe it.”

The products are so beautiful and the colour is so beautiful.

“Leila said she had been buying the products for a year and she had never experienced such a long wait for her first order.”

It was the most amazing feeling.

I have not experienced anything like this before.

I’ve only seen the product line on TV,” she said.

Leila, who has also worked in Hollywood, told French radio station Radio France Internationale that she has received “very positive feedback” from consumers who were shocked by the “beauty” of the products.”

They were surprised by my product.

I’m not a beauty person.

I like to wear make-up, but if they tell me they love it, I’m more than happy to buy more.

It’s like, ‘Thank you for making me happy,'” Leila told France 2.”

But I do feel very guilty about the wait, because I’m used to buying things when they’re so easy to buy.

“This was a surprise to me, because it was only a few weeks ago, but it’s something that I have to live with.”

The actress said she bought the products online and “every day” and she is planning to order more soon.

“For me, it’s all about creating a feeling, a feeling of peace, of being beautiful and beautiful in the moment.

It was an experience that I didn’t expect,” Leilla said.


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