July 30, 2021

By Mark HaddonIt’s been a pretty wild summer so far for ‘Star Trek’ and its sequel ‘Rogue ONE’.

The sci-fi action franchise earned more than $1.3bn worldwide last weekend, but the latest installment will only bring in about $500m, according to industry forecasters.

The franchise’s third installment, ‘Rogue Three’, earned about $1bn worldwide, but is only expected to bring in $100m.

“Rogue Three” will bring in roughly $700m globally, with the movie’s sequel expected to earn about $800m, based on early estimates from Warner Bros and Lionsgate.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens earned about a third of that total, but only about $150m in worldwide ticket sales, according a report by Box Office Mojo.

This is the fourth time in a row that ‘Rogue Four’ has grossed less than $100 million domestically, but will be one of the top grossing films of the summer.

Rogue One earned more about $600m globally.

Despite the disappointing box office performance, ‘StarWars’ and the Star Wars franchise are both still expected to make a strong dent in the box office this weekend.

A strong opening for ‘RogueOne’ has been a boon for Disney, as the first film in the Star Trek franchise had been a massive hit.

However, Disney also faces a stiff challenge for ‘The Force Awakens’ with the new Star Wars movie.

There have been reports that the movie could not sell as well as anticipated, and Disney is already having to re-tool its strategy after the disappointing success of the ‘Star wars’ franchise.

Although ‘Rogue Two’ had a slightly smaller opening, it was still an incredible success, according the Hollywood Reporter.

‘Rogue One’, meanwhile, earned about the same as ‘Star WARS: The Last Jedi’, according to the film’s box office analyst Robby Mook.

Disney is expected to have a bigger impact on box office than the studios other blockbusters, like ‘Transformers 4′ and Warner Bros.’

‘Suicide Squad’.

This weekend’s release of ‘RogueThree’ will likely help the Disney-Lucasfilm movie in that regard.

It will also help boost the box-office numbers of Disney’s ‘Star Tours’ theme park and Disney’s theme parks in China, as well.

With ‘RogueFour’ expected to gross around $600 million, the Disney film is expected a bigger hit than ‘RogueTwo’.

Although there is still some speculation that the film will earn less than the original Star Wars trilogy, ‘Force Awakens’ was a huge success, and the sequel has been able to out-perform the prequel.

At this point, it’s hard to see ‘Rogue Five’ or ‘RogueSix’ making more than about $250m this weekend, so Disney has a huge advantage in the battle for the franchise box office. “

Star Wars” has already eclipsed ‘Rogue Six’ as the top-grossing film of all time.

At this point, it’s hard to see ‘Rogue Five’ or ‘RogueSix’ making more than about $250m this weekend, so Disney has a huge advantage in the battle for the franchise box office.

As for ‘Titanic’, it should be a pretty solid debut weekend for ‘Avatar: The Legend of Korra’.

Its director, David S. Goyer, has been working on a new animated film series since the release of “Titan,” which has been described as a ‘super epic’.

It is due out in 2019, so it’s expected to hit theaters this coming May.

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Read more about ‘Starwars’:The Force’The Force is stronger with every passing day!

It’s a Star Wars we’ve never seen before.

All we need now is the Force to fight alongside us.

When we first met Darth Vader in 1977, we were both very young.

Now, we both have the ability to become anything we wish.

But when Darth Vader turns on us, it won’t be for our good.

It will be for his.

And what could be more powerful than the power of the Force?

Join us on a journey of discovery as we witness the evolution of the First Order, and its new masters in this exciting new film series.

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