August 4, 2021

With the NFL preseason set to begin, I sat down with Pro Football Hall of Famer, NFL Defensive Player of the Year and Hall of Fame guard, Chuck Bednarik to learn how he developed his “glove,” his thoughts on a player being able to use it as a weapon and how he uses it in practice.

In the preseason, I can’t imagine that there’s any player who will not try and protect himself from a pass rusher, and I don’t think Chuck knows it.

He was a defensive lineman and has played in the NFL since 1984, so he knows what it takes to protect himself and what he has to do to get himself out of harm’s way.

It’s something that is part of being a defensive player, he says.

The first thing he tells himself is, if I can block a pass rush and get my hands on a quarterback, then I’ve got a good chance.

He doesn’t know what he’s doing.

He’s trying to block a quarterback and get his hands on him and if he can get his feet down and he’s able to put pressure on the quarterback, it means he has the confidence in himself to make the right play.

If he can’t, he’s not going to make that play.

I think that’s what Chuck does.

He works on getting his feet and he works on finding the open guy.

He knows the quarterback’s eyes, the quarterback is looking down at the ground, so Chuck knows where the ball is going.

He’ll look at the ball, he’ll make the play.

If he gets the ball in his hands, then he’ll just go to work.

He never lets anything stop him.

He’s a great teammate.

He has a great mentality about football.

When you look at him, he looks like a young man.

He just knows how to play.

He can play.

I think that that’s why he is the kind of player that he is.

When I’m around him, I just feel a connection with him, because I’ve seen him play a lot of football, but when I watch him play, he seems to be a different player.

He wants to win every game.

He seems to want to win as much as possible.

He really wants to be on the field for the team to win, so that’s a big reason why he’s the type of guy he is and he plays the game the right way.

When you see him on the sideline, it seems like he wants to take the ball out of the hands of the quarterback and to get rid of the ball.

You’re watching him and you’re like, “What are you doing?”

But he’s a good football player.

Chuck had a good career and he knows how he can play, so I think it’s something you can learn and develop, but at the same time, it’s important to be able to play at the highest level.

I was just talking to him, when he was playing the last couple years, he said, “I never thought I would play this long.

I never thought that I’d be here.

I just got to get better.

It wasn’t going to happen overnight, but I knew that it was a process.”

You’re always going to have to learn something new, but the way I look at it, I feel like it’s going to take some time for me to get it down and to be ready to go.

I feel the same way with my body.

You just have to get used to it, and get used a little bit more to it every week.

You’re still a young kid, and you still have to adjust to being a pro, so you have to take it day by day.

When it comes to being an athlete, you’re going to see the same things, but with this, I think you can kind of take it one step at a time and just try to learn from the guys that you’re playing with, and learn from each other.

You learn from guys that have been in the league long enough, that have gone through the process, that understand the game, and what they need to do.

When he’s playing, he wants the ball so bad that he’s never giving up.

He likes to score, he likes to win games.

He is a competitor.

He always has to have a chip on his shoulder.

He will tell you, if you do something wrong, you can always go back to work, he always tells you.

He takes his role and he will give it everything he has.

When Chuck is playing, you just want to go out there and be aggressive.

I know it’s a different kind of offense now, but he’s always going in the same direction.

If it’s not working, you go back and fix it, he tells me.

He will tell me, “If you do not go in the right direction, you’ll never make it out of


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