August 16, 2021

The Marine Corps is facing criticism over its controversial leather jackets, as it tries to regain its footing in the market after the Marines’ controversial new uniforms were widely criticized.

In August, the Marine Corps released its new uniforms to the public, featuring an orange jacket that features a scarface, or hooded mask, in the front and a blue jacket with a hood and a scar on the back.

The jacket has since been pulled from store shelves.

The new uniforms are part of a $9.2 billion plan to modernize the Marine’s infantry combat gear, which includes new combat boots and helmet.

The Marine corps is spending $2 billion on new helmets, which are being redesigned and more advanced than before.

The Marines have also replaced many of their current helmets with lightweight, synthetic versions.

The controversy has made some customers uncomfortable, but some of the biggest customers are the Marines themselves.

According to a study by the Marine Institute for Strategic Studies, an industry body that represents the industry, more than 30 percent of all military members in the U.S. bought an armor-piercing projectile weapon from the military in 2014.

The Marine Corps has a history of producing high-quality products, including its own gear.

For example, the Marines were the first service to use the same ballistic nylon material as the US military in the Navy, according to the Marine Group, the company that produces and markets the jacket.

The Marines are trying to make the most of its new jackets, which feature a new color scheme that is more reflective and more durable than the old one.

They’re also using different materials to make them, such as carbon fiber and polyester.

In addition, the military has also redesigned some of its other products to make it more competitive with its peers.

For instance, the new jackets are more lightweight and can withstand temperatures of -50 degrees Celsius.

But some military members are not happy with the new designs.

One Marine said in an interview with The New York Times that the new products “are a step backwards in terms of the quality and functionality.”

In an interview on MSNBC last month, Marine Corps Capt. Kevin O’Connor said the new uniforms should be discontinued, saying that the Marines “don’t have the capability to do a quality product in any form.

And so, I think we’ve got to be prepared to step back.”


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