November 3, 2021

The new Volvo XC90 SUV looks like a futuristic crossover, and it’s got a lot of stuff inside.

The exterior features a new carbon fiber front fascia, a new hood scoop, a larger windshield and a new rear fascia.

But the interior features a redesigned dashboard and new materials like aluminum and leather.

Volvo is calling it the first premium SUV to be powered by a hybrid electric powertrain.

“The new XC 90 SUV is built on the principle of simplicity,” says chief designer Lars B. Lund.

“Its design is a simple and straightforward design with a simple shape and a simple feel, so it’s a very simple and simple car.”

The XC’s new architecture and materials allow it to be lighter, quieter, more efficient and more fuel efficient, Lund says.

The XC is Volvo’s third crossover to feature a hybrid powertrain, joining the XC70 and XC80.

The XCs new engine, called the EVX, has a top speed of 215 miles per hour and an EPA rating of 55 mpg in the city.

Volvo is also planning to introduce a second SUV, the XE90, later this year, with a base price of $34,800.

The first model will be based on the XCV platform, with the EV-X being a plug-in hybrid.

Volvo plans to build 300 vehicles in 2019.

The XCV-V will be the second plug-inshy hybrid SUV, after the XQ.

The company is also working on the third, the EV6, a crossover powered by the same 6-cylinder engine.

It’s a small, compact SUV that’s based on a small crossover, but the new XCV has a much larger footprint than previous XC models, with more room for the driver.

The new XCA is based on an SUV platform, and has a higher top speed.

It’s the same platform as the XCAX.

Volvo says the new SUV will be lighter than its previous models, and will be more fuel-efficient than the XCS, which was designed to be the most fuel-hungry SUV ever.

The company says the XCE and XCEX are the best-selling SUVs in the U.S. today, with 7.6 million units and 2.8 million, respectively.

It has a big presence around the world, and you can expect it to grow.””

It has a very big presence in the market, and with the XCOX, we’ve got the best crossover we’ve ever had.

It has a big presence around the world, and you can expect it to grow.”


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